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South East Solar and Electrical is an approved partner and installer of Rolec vehicle Charging equipment, putting us at the forefront of this rapidly growing and vital environment and economic UK sector.

Electric and hybrid vehicles sales are increasing and with that faster charging options with increased mileage range are becoming available; Electric Vehicles are the smart choice. If you own an Electric Vehicle a home charge point is the key solution to convenient, uninterrupted charging.

SESE can install stand-alone EV home and workplace charge points under the OLEV (Office for low emissions) grant scheme, saving you £500.00 on the cost of a home charge point installation and up to £10,000.00 for a work place charge units.

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If you already have Solar PV panels or are thinking of getting a system installed, a compatible charge point may be the best choice for you.

An EV charge point can be set up to charge your electric car with the surplus electricity produced by your panels; instead of sending the surplus electricity not used in your home back to the grid or stored to battery it will divert it directly to your car, maximising the consumption of your solar PV generation.

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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Kent
EV Charger Installation in Kent

If you are eligible for an OLEV charging grant, speak to us.

Our charger solutions are accredited by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV)  meaning they qualify for both Home and Workplace charging grants. You can potentially reduce the cost of your Home Charger by £500 and workplace chargers up to £10,000.

Check your status here Government Grants For Low Emission Vehicles

For more information on installing an Electric Charge point at your home or business, please complete the Contact Us form or call us for independent and expert advice.

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From the initial call to the final result could not be happier, Oliver and the team were fantastic, extremely tidy and polite, highly recommend. Dec 2019

Mr Tom Coe, Rochester
Arrived one our after initial call for assessment. Date offered to complete the work was the first date we could do so no waiting around. Arrived on time, polite, friendly, efficient. Definitely recommend and would use again – Nov 2019
Mrs Stacey Epps, Sittingbourne

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Reasonably priced and very polite and friendly service would recommend – Oct 2017

Mr Jamie Robb, Swanley

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