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UK energy, household and commercial consumption are increasing, but, at the same time, it is also becoming more intelligent.

Solar batteries offer an exciting new option, enabling the cost-effective use of solar power day and night.

About Solar Battery Storage Systems

When compared to continuous rises in energy prices – the ability to economically store PV energy is a viable and alternative source of power.

Energy storage systems (ESS), or solar battery storage systems, is not a new technology; however, a combination of grid connection restraints, falling Feed-in Tariff (FIT) export rates and other financial support mechanisms are driving making the adoption of a solar battery storage facility increasingly more appealing than export to the Grid.

South East Solar and Electrical in Rochester is approved and certified to install a wide range of different storage systems, designed and delivered to your specific needs.

Solar power systems often have a battery connected to them, which can store excess energy for later consumption. Power is typically provided by the battery after sunset or during periods of high energy demand, but it can also be supplied during a power cut.

Solar panel batteries are a great choice for those who want to reduce their reliance on the grid. They store power generated by your solar panels, which can then be used at night or during periods of high demand. Solar batteries typically last 10-15 years, so are well worth the investment.

A solar battery is essentially an overflow unit. Any excess power generated by the solar panels is stored in the battery for use when the sun goes down, or at times when energy demand is high and your system may need a boost.

This depends on the type of battery you choose and how frequently you use it, but most solar batteries can store energy for between one and five days.

With the cost of electricity rising, solar panel battery storage could save you an awful lot of money. As of May 2022, the average monthly cost of electricity is around £48, or £580 per year. Choosing to use solar panels with a solar battery could give you up to £720 worth of electricity per year. Of course, it’s worth factoring in the cost of a solar system, which can be anything from £5,000 to £12,000. Typically you’re looking at breaking even on the cost of your system after 10 years.

A battery isn’t essential if you want to enjoy the benefits of solar power, but it can enable you to come off the national grid altogether. That’s because it can supply energy at night when your solar panels aren’t generating power.

Most solar batteries come with a ten year warranty, but will typically last up to 15 years – although they may run at reduced capacity for the final five of those.

Your solar battery storage capacity depends on the make and model you choose, as well as the size. If you experienced an extended power outage, you could expect your battery to provide power for 10-15 hours. Of course, the more energy you use during the outage – cooking, watching TV, charging devices etc – the quicker the battery’s stores would deplete.
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